My grandpa

Grandpa is a person who tried out new things, who foresee things way before us all, even in the global issue. He loves reading, gardening, herbs and the politics. He tells great stories about WWII. One thing he told us that he never stop doing is reading. Maybe that’s why in his late 90s, he is still strong and has a clear mind. He is an adventurous person; he tried out herbal medicine himself. Doctors were surprise to see him when we brought him over, they just couldn’t believe their eyes that they are looking at a 99 year old standing there in front of them, with a well build body and in good posture some more. He is a man who loves God, who is witty and humorous. He past away on 30 August 2006, a day before our National Day. I was still in China with mom and my family. I took my unpaid leave to spend some times with my hubby and our two boys. Though we had expected it, but it was still a shock for us to learn that he has past away, in fact, peacefully. Thank God. He passed away at the age of 99. We had started to plan for his 100th birthday celebration the year after; unfortunately, God’s call is faster than we thought. Here is to my grandpa, i.e. Cal’s Great-grandpa.
This layout is by Susan Cobb of Hot off the press personal shopper. I used everything from the January kit of theirs. Thank you Susan.Journaling: “Great-grandpa who loves gardening and had maintain an nursery in front of the house. He did all the planting, watering and introducing his produce to whomever came to visit. This is a rare picture of him with Calvin at age 2. Calvin like usual, loves to join in the gardening part even though he’ll be beaten by the mosquito. This sort of photo will not ever be seen again ever since great-grandpa passed away.

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