Scrapbook challenges

cScrapbooking challenges are fun. Before this, I thought to myself, well.. I’m not even a pro in doing scrapbooking yet.. why want to join in any challenges. When I first found out about what really are challenges in scrabook.etc magazine on my pool fun LO, to my surprise, I love it once I’m into it. It actually give me a guide on what I should use or do in my page in order to join in the fun.
Sometimes I just can’t start a page without some limitation.. the creativity part is just too wide especially when coming down to choosing my pattern papers and the most basic one – Layout, what scrappers call LO. So if there is some guidelines or I call it limitation that set out in the challenge, it would help me to start thinking on that line, also start to be creative on that line too. The fun part is to share with others my work and get lots of comments from people. I did it in, which is really a nice place to be with all those that having the same interest with me. Another site that I love to check out is ScrapScene which updated me with all the latest things that is happening in the scrapping world.
Just recently, Itty bitty Scrap Shack is holding a challenge on “Get in the mood for love!“.

Got this from their site:
Here are the details: Create a layout (12×12 or 8 1/2 x 11) about the love(s) of your life. Maybe it’s a person, maybe a place, animals, etc. Whatever you love, we want to see it! Send your entries to by February 1st. The winner will receive the February Itty Bitty Kit!

Ya.. go ahead and have some fun, I surely am joining this even it I can’t .. I’m going to do this challenge for my LO.

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