Tsim Sha Jui?

Touched down after a trip full of anticipation. Kids’ timing on food and sleep was just nice, Mer slept while Cal having his lunch on board, then mine came in and Mer woke up for his lunch. Thank God that they feel fine all through the trip, no air-sick and stomach ached.
We straight went for a walk around town after getting all our things settle. Went for a walk in the “Star Avenue” seeing all the nice decoration for Christmas in town, went for a boat ride to Central.
Cal is still excited about getting his own Octopus card (for the subway train), so whenever he saw a gate with the octopus sign, he’ll run to get and get access. My little boy is growing up..
As for Mer, he got so tired that he slept through the walk on the Star Avenue, guess he is not up to being a star yet.
Well.. this might be my last chance to blog while I’m still in Hong Kong.. pity that I didn’t bring my digita camera cable over.. maybe will load them afterwards when I got home.

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