Veranda decoration

Do you have a veranda? One is with a little view? One that is just outside of your room? Even if it is upstairs, do you have it? It is actually a space that you can do lots of decoration in it with pots of flowers, so you can have your quiet time there everyday. Small space like a 3 x 1 metre corridor would do the trick already. You’ll just need small high chairs, some narrow shelves for the plants and some creativity on the color scheme.
If it is cement floor, you can change it into wooden floor and add some pepples to make it more welcoming and thus use wood for the rest of the decoration. You can make full use of the space on the wall by adding more shelves or simply hangs the plants from the ceiling down. You can hang pots sraight from the ceiling in the middle part too, this is especially suitable for those plants that are drap style. Oh ya.. and you don’t need big potted plants as it use up too much space unless you have the space for them, little pots with little plants are good enough.
The sad thing is.. I don’t have a veranda, but I’ve the whole front garden to decorate 😀

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