ya.. that’s the right word for me now.. really exhausted till I fall asleep on the salon chair. Imagine that having a turning machine, the one that is on top of your head and not quite touching it, then it turns and giving out heat, probably to “activate” the color liquid on my hair.. and yet I still fell asleep there.. almost touching “that thing” when I accidentally “drop” my head 😀
Then woke up for awhile.. embarrassed on what had happened, but fall back to my little nap time again.. goodness! Anyway, I can trust the hair-dresser and nothing is a real change for me now ever since I had the “dramatic” hairstyle (my colleague put it that way, and yet the next thing is she followed that style before she goes off elsewhere for a long stay. hahaha…)

so do whatever u like, be it highlight, colored it, cut it, trim it.. I still fall asleep, I still love my dreamland…