Prank call

Just now I got a call from this number: 0162107521, saying that she called from a company in KL, I can’t hear her cleary ‘cos it was noisy, I can hear car noices behind her. She talked in Malay, saying that I’ve been chosen to enjoy this exclusive card for visa/master card member with priviledge.. blah blah blah.. then she asked do I still have card that is active now, and what card is it, either visa or master, so I asked “Does it matter?” twice and she sort of can’t understand me and said “oh, ok la.. kalau kamu tak nak bagi tau.” then she hangs up.
This is a 2nd call from the same number, first time was a missed call. So folks, becareful on this number, I think it is those scam to get your credit card detail.
Remember this number: 0162107521
I wonder if I can report it to DIGI.

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