Getting famous in road accident

This is about two different road accidents that happened yesterday and this morning.

There were two videos getting viral over the FB. One got everyone shock in knowing how fierce a woman can be after a car accident. Another was also a car accident and got everyone assuming that the driver must be driving under the influence of alcohol.

The first video gone viral and got the attention of FB users. Got me thinking of all the possibilities that could happened. I mean what if another road bullied or someone that felt really sorry for the old man and wanted to do something back on her?! Another thing is how would all her friends thought of her? How would that affect her career?

What is fortunately is that at least the old man was calm or just traumatized that at least he didn’t repay her with another fierce reaction. Thank God for that.


As for the second video, seeing that some girls were being rescued out from a huge drain near to RTM. First impression was “what happened? were they drunk?” Then the next thing came up my mind was “fortunately they were not stuck in the car”

Just so what if they got stuck in the car which swirl into the drain? Can’t think of the consequences if so.

Their reason was the driver were sleepy..  Just thank God that nobody got hurt.


Both video got attention from FB users. Bot get famous a bit.. the most was the first video.

Wouldn’t want that to happen to me and and of the people that I know.

So, people, do calm down, stay alert and remember there are people who love you. Don’t get yourself into a road accident. Stay safe.

Drive safe!