All The Frame Bags

First one was this green colour with black cat pattern.

Thanks to Mico, you can find out more about him in my insta posts.

Second is this Pink Hello Kitty

Latest one is this red frame bag.

All come with handles and shoulder straps.

I’m putting them all in the Souvenir shop of Sabah State Library Tg Aru Branch.

Tote bags

Tote bags, yay! With flap or with recess zipper. Partition or no partition. Both with a mix of PU leather

Which do you prefer? With zipper or without zipper?

I’ve actually shown these pictures in my insta at hanniemy do check it out for the latest projects.

Cotton Candy with handles and a mini backpack

I’ve been updating my insta on stuff that I’ve sewn and below are those that I’ve shown before in my insta. Now I’m featuring them all in one go for that latest happening


Firstly is the cotton candy that I’ve added handles.

Introducing the cotton candy in a mixture of linen and denim, using vinyl as the handle:


Second, is another cotton candy with denim and cotton fabric, using vinyl and cotton webbing as the handle.

Both these cotton candy are very spacious, mainly due to the way the zipper is being sewn and the design of the pouch is fat and round at the bottom.

Next is a mini backpack that I’ve tried. Pattern from Sew So Easy. I’ve altered the side and bottom of the backpack.


Well.. hope you all like these.

Goodbye baby

I had to say goodbye to this baby after my colleague agree to adopt it from me. I’ve spent more time than the first bag for this one, as this pattern is harder to sew. What more initially I’ve used a harder under-layer.
I love this fabric and was intended to get more of it, but there is no more offer on this one. So I’ve ordered another pattern which surely will produce another baby later.

 The best part of this baby is its zipper which make it more secure to bring around.

 What more it has a zipper interior compartment and some slot for handphone and smaller items.

 It also comes with two side pockets.

The hardest part in making this make is sewing the second line around the top. I’ve actually hand sew it ‘cos it is just too thick to get into my sewing machine. I wanted to make another one in this pattern.