View from my window

A friend has been asking me about posting photos that I’ve taken during my last trip to China, especially the look from my window. So here goes..
It was taken at end of last year during sun set.
The building on the right, which is an apartment with shoplot downstairs, only took a year to complete and people already moved in to do business and living there! Compare to those that we have here.. well.. it seems to take ages to complete.
As seen on the photos, the air quality is not that good. It is not foggy, it is just haze.. meaning air pollution. Further down to the front is where Hong Kong suppose to be but can’t see the island from these photos.
The place is actually very dusty so sometimes I still need to mop the floor even after the cleaning lady had already done so. Normally I would keep the windows closed, one is to keep away the dust and another is to keep my children from falling out of it.
Well.. being there is not easy as I have to keep watch them all the time. What more in a foreign country with 1 child policy. When we walk on the street, people will start staring at us especially when seeing me with two kids, some more they are boys. As we all know some Chinese prefer to have boys instead of girls, sad but still true.

Our sky

“Look at the sun”
That’s what I got from my colleague yesterday while I was having lunch with two other colleagues. I don’t get sms from this colleague, and she is working in the reference, so the first thing came into my mind is “The Sun” newspapers. Lastly I found out it is the real sun that she is talking about, so there I go, went out to the open space, look up at the sun. Yupe, found a rainbow ring around the sun, amazing.. seldom see this. (or maybe I haven’t been looking at our sky often enough). It is call the Halos, also known as icebows. Too bad that I didn’t have my digital camera with me. (But I think you still can see the photos in the net elsewhere.) This phenomena even came out from the news last nite (TV3).

Since we are at it, (about the sky) so I pay extra attention even after work. Guess what I discovered.. TWO RAINBOW! at the same time! This time I got ready my digital camera. (no, i didn’t do any trick on it.)

Sorry that it is a bit dark, ‘cos I took it straight from inside my car through the wind-screen.

As for this morning, due to the coming Raya holiday, there are less cars on the road, so the drive was extra smooth, and I’ve a chance to look up at the sky while on the road. This time nothing extra ordinary, but hey, we have got a clear blue sky which is hard to find in other polluted places. Glad that I’m here 🙂