simple project

Those in The States,  most of you are enjoying spring which I love. The flowers blooming season,  the get-ready-for summer kind of mood.

Over here,  we are way into summer,  way hotter than spring.  We can have up to 33 degree Celsius in the day and air-con ready at night in order to have a good sleep unless you are staying in the highland.

I love seeing all those spring photos in Instagram and these projects over at A beautiful mess especial the one about Cactus cos that seems the simplest for me to follow.

What I did was to get a few pots of Cactus from the shop and just plant them together in a bigger pot. Wualah!

Mini cactus garden

Have a great weekend!

Have you done that yet?

Are you following my site and also leaving a message on my previous post to stand a chance to get the RAK that I’ve prepared? You have until the end of the month to do so, and to participate at the blog hop layout challenge over at Scrap a little to win Helen’s RAK too.

There is another thing that I would love all of you who own a blog to do this: Carbon Neutral your site. Just check this out here and start helping the mother earth to get well by planting more trees to neutralize those carbon footprint that our sites created.
I hope all of us can do our parts for our mother earth.