Christmas cards

Everyone is using digital Christmas card now-a-day, so I only got 3 real card this year, maybe more is coming, but am not so hopeful for that. So I’ve made 3 cards to give them back. At the same time I’ve received my month kit from Paperwishes Personal Shopper, so I’ve made full use of the kit and made 2 extra cards other than the one that they showed in their kit.

The most part that I love doing is the snowman. I’m suppose to use the brad buddies snowman for the card but instead I use white card stock, trace, cut and emboss the snowman, then put eyelets as the buttons. I love how it ends up and am thinking to make more.

productive weekend

It has been a very productive weekend, I’ve made 5 more scrapbook pages, mostly for Cal’s album, should be 7 pages, another 2 is done very quickly from Almost done pages kit, so it doesn’t really count.
Other than that, I’ve got our Christmas tree up! Yupe. This is a mini Christmas tree as it made up of the top most part of our 5′ tall Christmas tree. The rest of the tree already got rotten and thrown away, so I just made do with whatever that I’ve. I use my mom’s flower pot to “plant” the tree with newspaper beneath and just decorated with the old stuff, which only left what you can see on the tree, still I’m proud of it 😀
I’m just saving some time in taking it off.. 😀

Now it is just sat nicely next to our TV
Merry Christmas!


Got my gift, got my gift! Wanna take a look?

It is a very unique gift indeed, first time I ever see this thing and the materials that it is made from, I’m not sure what is it, but sure unique. Can anyone tell me what material is it made from? It looks like wood..

festive season

yay! we have got our Christmas tree up in the office, wanna take a peek?

Those presents underneath it are for real, those are our gifts for the git exchange. This is our tradition, every year we draw a name from our section, then buy one gift that cost at least RM15 for the one person that we have drawn.
We’ll have a feast before that and then the fun part is try to figure out who the gift is from.
Merry Christmas!