My old but still new kits

Yupe, I’ve got these two to play with since I got them back from my sister. They are suppose to be gift for her to start her scrapbook, but she never get started and probably won’t ever, so she suggested me to bring them back and make good use of them. Yippie!!
I’ve got the January and March 2007 kits of Paperwishes Personal Shopper. Personal Shopper is actually the first kit club that I joined. I’ve learnt a lot from their kits especially when there is a VCD coming together on an alternate month which showing all the techniques to build pages. Each month they have included a bulletin which show how to make beautiful pages, extra tags and cards from their kits.

Here is the January 2007 kit (photos taken from Paperwishes website)

This is the March 2007 kit.

Not sure what I’ll use them for yet, most probably cards.

I’ve got another kit came in today since I only get to work today. March kit for Scrapbook Deals 4 UJilli Bean Soup. Double Yay from me!!

photo taken from SD4u.

What a happy Monday for me.