It’s ok

Yupe..I’m already half way through Ali’s book (that i’ve mentioned here). I know some of you might ask, “What? only half?” yayaya.. I’m slow in reading, I don’t have speed reading skill.
Well.. I’m already learning from it like it says “It’s ok”. Ya.. I’ve been having trouble deciding on what to do with my photos and on what to use on my LO. I also have this tendency to safe certain pattern paper or embellishment for “better” photos. I also worried how others thought of my pages.
Well.. this is sort of like a confession from me. So now.. I would love to think that it’s ok.
I can even apply this to my other aspect in life.
Let’s just be kind to ourselves.

About the other book “We dare you”, it is giving me so many options to do things that I just might not be doing for my scrapbook. To me, lots of it are a real challenge for me.

Happy scrapping!

New books and Snapshots LO

Yay! I’ve just got my books by Ali Edwards and “We dare you” ordered through Which is a day earlier per estimation from Amazon. I’m so happy and just can’t wait to read them page by page.
I know some of you might have read these two books several times already. Well, I AM really living in a far away land of the U.S, you know?
A few flip of the books and buoy, I love the those LO in the two books. It is now even better for myself is that I don’t need to rely on the Internet to view other’s LO, and I’ve got these two that will show me just enough pages to be inspired.

This round, I wanted to share about the LO that I just did last night on my 2nd DS. It is in mosaic styles combined with pattern patter. I just had too many of those not so perfect photos that I don’t want to just keep it away in the old slip in album. But they are too many to be included in a page which doesn’t leave me any space to journal or simply be more creative. So I’ve spread them out into 2 pages and interval with PP and tags.

I must say the pages doesn’t seems to be well coordinated both for the color and pattern, anyway, I’ve had fun doing it 😀
In face, my parents were wondering if I’ll be working today ‘cos I stay up late to finished these two LO. (Hehe.. sorry mom and dad for getting you all worried. )

I wanted to show how I used the swirl palette to make the pattern on the 1st page on the bottom right. Just a way to record down the process. Many scrapbookers would know how to do these simple steps:

1. Position the swirl template to where you want it to be.

2. Then use a hard brush dotted with ink
and simply start dotting it over the pattern,
make sure your hands are sturdy and don’t move the template.

3. Carefully remove the template.
In my case, I simple remove it cos I didn’t use a lot of ink on it.

4. Finally then only put the brad on,
to make up the “o” of “snapshots”.

I’ve actually used many different types of brads on this LO. I just love those little footprints, dragon fly, stars, heart shape and mini round brads.

PP and ribbons: American craft, HOTP; Cardstock: SEI; Brads: HOTP, MM; Letter stickers and tags: Basic Grey.