A day in the farm and river

I know.. they are posing for the camera..
“The big guy” – Cal, asked for the trip to the farm the other day and wanted to go to the nearby river, that of course include stepping into the river instead of just watching it. As for the “little guy” – Mer, anything the brother did, he’ll just follow and even more creative.
With my own strenght, I don’t think I can carry them down or lead them down to the farm below the hill from where we stay, so I got big sis to help out carrying the little one down and I lead Cal down there. Mom was in the farm as usual working on some scrub.
Before going there, I need to get a towel ready to chase away any mosquito and also just in case they wet themselves in the river, at least I’ve got a towel to dry them off.
They enjoyed it pretty much, but one thing I don’t understand is why little Mer likes to thraw stones pick from the river banks… he just pick them up and thraw..
The 2nd time we went there on last Saturday, Mer did the same again, thrawing stones.. This time, I got them in swim suits cos the water is much cooler cos it rains the day before, plus I wanna try how they look in their swim suit.. too bad, didn’t bring the camera with me… still .. they had enjoyed it and surely wanna do that again.

Having fun with drawing

Yupe, the boys like to draw on anything including their faces, this is one of the evidence in photo. Taken in November last year in Shen Zhen when we went over to visit my hubby.

Kids.. they only know that drawing is fun and they don’t care where is the drawing board. The fun part is the drawing itself but the hard part was getting it off their faces, well, at least they have enjoyed it 🙂