Hello there.. how was your week going?

Found this pin in Pinterest with tutorial, so grateful for that, ‘cos I’ve been wanting to get a luggage tag, an interesting one for my luggage whenever I wanted to travel.

Luggage tag

The tutorial is available here.

The tutorial is very clear and with measurement, which is just great for novice like me.

I’ve made two straight off from the tutorial! The first one was the exact copy from the tutorial but since my sewing machine doesn’t have the button function, I had to sew it by hand. And… it is not neat, so I’ve made one for myself with a string as the loop holder.

Luggage tags

Left side was by hand-sew the button-hole and right side is using a string.


Hand-sew button hole luggage tag

Here you can see a bit of the inside fabric. This is well-loved by my son now.


String luggage tag

This one is for myself and it is using a string to hold the lope.


Inside of the luggage tag

This is how it looks like with a card inserted.


String luggage tag

Here is how the string finished look. I’ve made a knot before attaching it to the tag, so that it is more secure.


Well, I’m surely going to use this tag on my next trip for my luggage.  “.” v


Happy pinning and sewing  you all. And have a great week ahead.