December Daily Day 8 – Day 12

8th December (Wednesday): Presents! Presents! Everyone in the office joined in for the annual Christmas gift-exchange. Most of us have got the presents ready, wrapped and put the names on. We tried to do it in a way that the receiver won’t know who give the presents till they have guest and guest. It is our annual thing, it has been a tradition for our department. Everyone in the office look forward to it too. This year, we are going to have our lunch (makan-makan) outside in a hotel! yippie!! Buffet lunch! Can’t wait.

9th December (Thursday): Yes, the buffet lunch day for our Bahagian. It was a fun filled day, lots of photos taken and yummy food. Really glad that we can have our lunch outside and we took our time to really enjoy the time together. After that was our gift-exchange done in the office. My secret gift giver was Shirley. She bought me gifts that I love to have and can’t decide to buy, truely appreciate it.

Today you went to the Church Day Camp in Krugma House. One that you’ve been looking forward to, and one that I refrain you from showing off to Mervin, ‘cos he was still at school. You really can’t wait to get there and start your fun day. When I went over to get Mervin’s cough syrup from you which I forgot to bring that morning, you were totally there, listening to the Sunday School teacher. When I pick you up, you wanted to show me things that You’ve made. You’ve totally enjoyed it and look forward to the 2nd day camp the next day. Calvin, Love that you’ve enjoyed the day camp.

10th December (Friday): Today is the 2nd day camp for Calvin, till 12:30pm. When we went over to Krugma House, you got excited in seeing the crowds and almost joining in the praise and worship. We waited patiently for ko-ko and you definitely looking forward to the party the next day. Mervin, Love that you didn’t make a fuss about not able to join the camp.

11th December (Saturday): Since the two boys went to Christmas Party in the church for the afternoon, we took the time off ourselves to go do nothing. Yup, just relax. Still I ended up buying gift for Qin’s birthday on 13th and our cleaning lady in the office. How to resist seeing those cute little mugs in 100 yen shop of Suria. *Forgot to take photo*

12th December (Sunday): Probably not your day today but at least you put it off better compare to years ago. I pray that you have more patient, kindness and love. I pray that you are slow to anger and not afraid to show your love to our boys. They needed to know and be assured of your love everyday. I pray that we all say good and encouraging words everyday.

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