Bed-time story

Last night was different.
Every night the boys wanted me to read them a story or two, normally two, right before bed-time. But last night, Cal found my 25 days till Christmas booklet that I did in 2009, so they wanted to much for me to read to them what I’ve written on those pages with their photos on. They got excited and so interested on what had happened on those days.

I’ve actually missed out some day without any journaling and photo! Ali did amazingly good on this.
Now, I wanted so much to do Ali’s week in the life story book.
Now.. let see.. when should I get started…hmm…

7 thoughts on “Bed-time story

  1. natasha says:

    wow!that looks amazing!hoping to do a mini album like that someday (:i’m a new scrapper..if youve got time, do check out my blog (:would love to get to know you and other scrappers out there!


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