Long pause

How many days has past? Hmm.. I have had a tiring trip, not one but two. I went to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur from Monday till Wednesday, then to Kudat and Banggi Island from Thursday till today. First one is 100% learning trip, as for the 2nd, it is more like a community service trip after our meeting in Kudat. Will share more in my other site – Glad2bhere.

As for now, I wanted so much to share what I’ve done before going for the Malacca trip and on Wednesday night, but I forgot my camera’s USB cable. I’ve actually took some time to visit Valerie over in Scrap-n-crop, got myself some scrapbook stuff from her store. So glad to have finally met her face to face! Thanks for her sister Penny, I get to browse the shop earlier before Val arrived from work.

There were just too many beautiful things in there, I have to remind myself not to get any pattern paper, I’ll just have to wait for my monthly kit from Color Me Daisy and Scrapbook Deals 4 you. Still I’ve got some “essential” things like glue dot, chalk marker and stamp set.

While we were over in Kuala Lumpur, I didn’t do much shopping. There were still some sales going on, lots of Girls’ clothing, boys’ clothing and for adults too. But I wasn’t into getting any clothes for now, so I’ve just got myself some undies. Will do the shopping during my next trip to China if possible.

Signing off now, will update again next week.

3 thoughts on “Long pause

  1. Deana E says:

    wah..i was in kudat too..wednesday..you met valerie…may be my next trip to kl i can g there too…was busy with my in laws from kl..now only i can rest a bit…


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