Why I love Korean dramas

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Yes,  I believe we constantly think that we wanted the best for our family members and those closest to us.

Yes,  I believe that we constantly think that our kids will still be kids instead of grown up.

I believe I’ve made the mistakes above.  Giving advices at the wrong time or without being invited and yet thought that I should give then my opinion and advices.

I’m learning on how to let go and yet at the same time asking if I should and how much I should let go.

Read this and a lot go through my mind.

The thought of Korean drama came into my mind when reading that article. Yes,  they are just dramas,  but I treat the viewing time as a learning session for myself. The way they talk,  how they use sincerity,  indirect sentences to bring across what they think,  how they use every sentence as a mean to gain trust, to know if the other person is trustworthy. How they need to use the right salutation for elder, someone who is older or in higher level than them;  how they respect their culture, the advice from their elder and a lot more.

Another thing that I’ve learnt is how they struggle in thinking for others,  for putting themselves into others shoes. At the same time not forgetting themselves and being there consciously knowing how they feel and can even describe it out.

Yes,  a lot to learn. . Even from dramas. .



What I think about this place

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Hk buildings

It is well organised,  well planned township. . It is neat,  tidy and clean.  Even its people are neatly cloths.  I seldom see them in sandals. . Even if, , they are the nice type of sandals,  except those who I saw in the wet market,  whose plan were to buy veggie,  meat or poultry.

Their toilets are always with toilet paper, hand liquid and working flush.

Standing on the right side of the escalator has become their norm.

Bicycle lanes really meant for bicycle and bicycle only.

School children are neatly cloths according to the weather.

Those local walking on the streets seldom carry their water bottle on their hands but nicely tuck away in their bag.

They are always ready with a recycle bag whenever they go for grocery shopping.

Often I was being mistaken as someone from the mainland and being treated differently.  By differently it could mean being talked to with strong accent of Cantonese Mandarin and being stared at as if I’ve done something wrong. Which I quickly answer with some simple English such as “sorry. .”, or “excuse me. .?” Then it would normally being replied with some guilty look and proper eye contact and better attitude.

So,  what do I think of this place call Hong Kong?

I love this place especially its food,  good manners, the greens little man on the traffic lights with sound,  the Greetings of the shop keeper whenever I step into a shop, the cool air during Spring and the love of books for the locals. Oh and the free government wifi in the library.

Yes,  I don’t mind spending my time here.

What a difference~!

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Today’s topic would be more towards what I call C9 topic. Which  means what a housewife would  normally concern about. Okay.. maybe not all housewife, at least this housewife, ha!

What caught my attention recently was this:



Yupe, the favourite spread of my son. He’s able to finish one can (350g) in a week if I don’t control the amount that is being used! And… if he can, he’ll want to have it in every meal plus snake time!

Guess what I discovered in the local supermarket!?

A major difference in price!

Yupe. One can of 375g Nutella is selling at RM17.50, which is in plastic can.

Another 350g Nutella is selling at RM12.99, which is glass can!

Now, tell me which one is worth the value?


Let me do some simple calculation here.

For the 350g (RM12.99), it is worth RM0.037 per gram.

For the 375g (RM17.50), it is worth RM0.047 per gram.

Obviously the 375g is more expensive, what more it is in plastic can. I would normally go for a higher grade packaging to know the value of the stuff. For instance a can of Snapple would definitely be more expensive than ordinary carton package or plastic bottle drinks, right?

These Nutella are both imported product, so why would I go for the more expensive one rather than the one with better value, right?

So I’ve bought two RM12.99 in once go!


Here is how the more expensive Nutella look like on the shelves:



So, ladies (and men who love Nutella), do go for better value when you are doing food shopping.


This would not be the case if you are asking me about buying musical instruments, ‘cos I’ve zero knowledge about them (this pop up ‘cos my son has started learning drum and has been wanting a new set of drums). I guess it would be even worse if he ask me to buy hohner harmonica online!

Journal type of scrap pages

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Happy Monday!!


Haven’t been sharing about craft for such along time since my blog was down. Actually I haven’t been doing much on the scrapbook part. But hey, here is one that I’ve done recently concerning my last trip to Hong Kong end of last year.


There isn’t many photos that I’ve included in this journal type scrap pages. I’ve only included those that I love over that few days.

*Click on the image for a larger picture*

2014-02-25 17.56.25

2014-02-25 17.57.11 2014-02-25 17.57.52 2014-02-25 18.00.00 2014-02-25 18.00.30 2014-02-25 18.01.11 2014-02-25 18.01.45


It was quick and fun using some misted doiles, chipboard sticker, pieces of papers from here and there.

Most importantly, my main point is to display photos that I like, with a simple records on where, who, what and when. There isn’t much journaling in there. I just wanted to get myself started back on with my scrapbook.

Thanks for stopping by,

showing off my ugly front yard

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Wow! Beautiful yard!

That was the voice in  me whenever I passed by some nice front yard of others who has well organised, beautifully grown and groom from yard that some even have artificial crane or Gnorme. I saw one even has a cute ziraffe in the parking space!

Okay.. I have been dreaming about having a nice front yard that is filled with beautiful flowers, nicely cut grass, trimmed up greens or little trees.

I have also been passing by a front yard that has artificial butterflies and yard sign that says “Welcome”! Now I wonder where the owner get that sign, maybe from Country Homes? Or some print yard signs company?

As for me, the not green-finger type of owner can hardly grow a rose tree! Ya.. maybe roses are hard to grow. So I’ve got myself a hibiscus tree in my front yard – our National Flower (Yay to that). So I’ve been trimming my hibiscus tree ‘cos it was being planted too near the auto-gate and it has been on its way since it is growing healthily. I’ve also been cutting (well… once by my own recently) the grass that I’ve planted on it.

So.. it looks like..

front yard


Ya… not blooming (yet)..

Okay, okay.. let’s look at some better photos..

Camera 360



There.. feeling  much better to look at beautiful flowers, right?


Happy gardening!

Beautiful eyes with beautiful glasses?

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Oh no!! It happened again!!

I can’t read the label!

Oh well.. I guess age do catching up with  my eyes now..

Ever find yourself in a dilemma in the pharmacy or grocery store.. or just any day-to-day food shopping? That you wanted to find out where the product is made from or if that recipe printed at the label is okay to try on.. or when is the expiry date or contents of that tin of stuff?

Yup. It happened.

I find it hard to drive at night too. Bummer!

I guess my procrastinated mission of mine cannot stay any longer than another month. Hoping to find a good pair of glasses that suits me and comfortable to reach to whenever I need it.

Hmm… GreatEyeGlasses.com eyewear is offering some great looking glasses..maybe I should get that fancy red-eye-catching frame..

At the mean time, happy reading!


All the beautiful things

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I’m loving Pinterest! It is just great!  It truly is one of the most enjoyable place to view beautiful things.  The category is very wide.  You can follow others board or cray your own.  It is where you can view what others like.  It is also a place to inspire and be inspired.

This is one of my board:



Well.. it is kind of small..

Connect to my board and let’s share each others board.. Seach for Fon Chung and you’ll get to my board in Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!


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Envy those who has a walk-in closet. Those type that is well organized. Filled with beautiful cloths.. ah. . Such a happy feelings to just walk in there even on Monday.

Love it especially if that walk-in include a drawer filled with accessories. And of course that include watches, beautiful time pieces that can be worn for different occasion.

Colorful fun Swatch for outing time with friends. Gold sophisticated lady-like Tissot for that special dinner. Bold and manly TAG Heuer watches for that important business meeting. How nice…

Most importantly watches is to keep time and be prompt,  let me just beat with my citizen and be a person who’s on time.

My December Daily for 2011 [photo heavy post]

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 I was actually hopping to build a mini album, but don’t think I’m going to do that next year. I’m definitely going to use a bigger album next year, at least 8×8″.
It turns out that it became bulkier each day and I was trying hard to squeeze things in this album. So happy that I’ve mini diary in my phone that I can write down the happenings of the day together with the photos. Another great thing is, I can edit my photos in the phone, have them in collage and only then sent them to process. That is one great way that I can put several photos in one page of this mini album.
I’ve actually run out of 6×6″ chipboard from the initial album size. So I’ve added up with large coaster and another tag mini album.
Here are the inside, with a few photos missing. Too lazy to shoot them again.

Am I going to do December Daily again next year?
Definitely YES!!

Now.. everyone is talking about new year resolution, the one little word, or the most like in 2011, or the achievement of 2011. I’m not going to go through all that now. But I think my one little word for next year is “BE”. Let’s just be.

Enjoy your last day of 2011.

I brought my angel home today

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Using Creative Scrappers sketch #188.
I bought some angels on the 17th December, and have them placed on my entrance tables. So love the spirit or feel that they’ve created in my home and my heart.
Going to definitely believe more on angels and ask for their help in the coming year.
I so love the December kit from My Creative Scrapbook. That’s is what I’ve used for this layout.

I’ve finally took some photos of my December Daily, though it is not 100% done yet. Going to share about that in my next post.
Happy Saturday! The last Saturday of 2011.