Getting famous in road accident

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This is about two different road accidents that happened yesterday and this morning.

There were two videos getting viral over the FB. One got everyone shock in knowing how fierce a woman can be after a car accident. Another was also a car accident and got everyone assuming that the driver must be driving under the influence of alcohol.

The first video gone viral and got the attention of FB users. Got me thinking of all the possibilities that could happened. I mean what if another road bullied or someone that felt really sorry for the old man and wanted to do something back on her?! Another thing is how would all her friends thought of her? How would that affect her career?

What is fortunately is that at least the old man was calm or just traumatized that at least he didn’t repay her with another fierce reaction. Thank God for that.


As for the second video, seeing that some girls were being rescued out from a huge drain near to RTM. First impression was “what happened? were they drunk?” Then the next thing came up my mind was “fortunately they were not stuck in the car”

Just so what if they got stuck in the car which swirl into the drain? Can’t think of the consequences if so.

Their reason was the driver were sleepy..  Just thank God that nobody got hurt.


Both video got attention from FB users. Bot get famous a bit.. the most was the first video.

Wouldn’t want that to happen to me and and of the people that I know.

So, people, do calm down, stay alert and remember there are people who love you. Don’t get yourself into a road accident. Stay safe.

Drive safe!

Now what?

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Now that it is over, we’ll need to wait for another 4 years for this game, next will be the biggest country hosting the game. A game that everyone in the world is watching.

What do I think?

Well.. I’m not a fan of football but this year seems a bit different though I still didn’t watch a single game of it. But this year I’ve been influenced by my son who don’t know since when and from where that started to know about football and pay attention on the game.

I remember we were over in Hong Kong when the first game was on. He was excitedly telling us that he wanted to watch the game and wanted to get up at 3am in the morning with his alarm clocked set.

Unfortunately he forgot to put the alarm on and he has missed the game. Anyhow, hePlus, we have a FIFAbulous Sunday at church where everyone is encouraged to wear football jersey on that Sunday. And I’m not sure if that is coincident or what, my son got a German jersey, the exact look that they were wearing in their final game. So yah.. he is pretty much excited about his team winning the world cup.

He was even commenting on the players whom I’ve no clue about.

Anyway, now that it is over, I’m not sure if he’ll still ask to be trained in football.

So now what?  Just wait and see. .

Having trouble creating passwords?

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Have you been having difficulties in creating a password that is save and yet you can remember? Have you been worried that your email or social media content has been hacked?

Well, what you need is to create strong that you can remember.

It is actually pretty easy and fun!

Check this out -> 4 ways to create passwords you won’t forget


Have fun creating passwords that are strong and easy to remember!


Don’t be stupid

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Some people just don’t get it.

He did it again for being in the headlines.. but in a bad way. All news available here.

And yet this person is one of our Minister in our Malaysian Parliament for the constituency of Kinabatangan, Sabah. So ridiculous.

I mean being a public figure, you should watch what you are saying and you should know that you are representing the people, or at least you are representing your organization. Watch what you are saying and think before you utter anything. Even when he has apologize, I doubt that he is being sincere.

As the saying go “mean what you say and say what you mean”

Self reminder

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What I wanted to remember for now – some self reminder:

  • Slow down. Do one thing at a time. Be there early so I don’t need to rush. Do it well. Read a book from beginning till end. I need to practive this – read a book at a time.
  • Make the house cosy. Get the scraproom organised first. Put away stuff that I don’t need, or even give them away, make room for new and better things. Know what I want and save for it.
  • Listen listen listen.
  • Be there, be now, 100% Means I’ll need to plan ahead and stick to the plan, but do allow for changes and open for changes. Plan less things in a day ‘cos really I only got 24 hours a day.
  • Be kind, be considerate. But first be good to myself. If can’t do, just say no.
  • Plant for flowers, cactus, greens … They are the real eye candy for the eyes and it feels super good to see how they grow.
  • Get a stove grill. Wanna try eating grill up stuff, be it meat or veggie, they seems healthier as well.
  • Do the things I love. And love what I do. Do this as often as possible and remind myself to love what I do.. else.. well.. I can always choose to stop.
  • Visit Pinterest as often and get inspired. There are a lot of good stuff there where I can pin in my walls for reminder.
  • It is going to be a good day if it is not the best day. Tell myself this every day!
  • Get “Real Simple” magazine whenever possible. This magazine is really great, it has a lot of eye candy for organisation at home, space organising, decoration and stuff.


Good reads: Ali Edwards’ Yo Summer

Real Simple

The greates secret to productivity


“You” layout

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Weee!!! It is Friday!!! TGIF.. well.. actually today is nothing different from other days, but still I’m happy for those who are in the office.  Your weekend will official start pretty soon!!


I’ve actually been trying to make a page that have that old grunge vintage look. I love both the clean look of the previous layout and this one that I’m going to share today. Sometimes I feel like I wanted to jam up the page with stuff, swirls, buttons, doilies, glittering stamp ink, embossing, and the old look of paper.

Thus, this page came out after seeing those happy photos of my kiddos smiling at the camera while enjoying their food. Love that feelings whenever I see them being happy.


Here are some closer look on the embellishment..

you2 you3 you4



Always love Ali Edwards word stamp. They are a good reminder of the daily life, cherishing one another present, the love we share, the present moment and the positive thoughts that I should always be reminded of.


I’m using Basic Grey patterned papers, Prima pearl swirl, Martha Stewart’s butterfly punch, Kaiser Craft rhinestones, Melody Ross glass paperclips and Ali Edwards word stamps.


Hope to create a mini album for my recent Taiwan trip..


Happy scrapping!

Dessert time

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It has been really hot these days.. the temperature shoot up to 35 degree Celcius! Fortunately rain came yesterday and it seems to cool down the earth a little bit.. It just made me appreciate the rain more..

Since it was hot hot hot.. a bowl of icy dessert really serve the day. So I did have it. But this time, I didn’t take any photo, instead I search back the old photos that I’ve taken previously in the same store – Justberrys – and make a layout from it.


Who can resist sweet dessert in a hot day huh!?


Some close-up of the layout:






Paper I used are mainly from Little Yellow bicycle and stuff from here and there including My Creative Scrappers kit.


Happy scrapping!


simple project

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Those in The States,  most of you are enjoying spring which I love. The flowers blooming season,  the get-ready-for summer kind of mood.

Over here,  we are way into summer,  way hotter than spring.  We can have up to 33 degree Celsius in the day and air-con ready at night in order to have a good sleep unless you are staying in the highland.

I love seeing all those spring photos in Instagram and these projects over at A beautiful mess especial the one about Cactus cos that seems the simplest for me to follow.

What I did was to get a few pots of Cactus from the shop and just plant them together in a bigger pot. Wualah!

Mini cactus garden

Have a great weekend!

Why I love Korean dramas

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Yes,  I believe we constantly think that we wanted the best for our family members and those closest to us.

Yes,  I believe that we constantly think that our kids will still be kids instead of grown up.

I believe I’ve made the mistakes above.  Giving advices at the wrong time or without being invited and yet thought that I should give then my opinion and advices.

I’m learning on how to let go and yet at the same time asking if I should and how much I should let go.

Read this and a lot go through my mind.

The thought of Korean drama came into my mind when reading that article. Yes,  they are just dramas,  but I treat the viewing time as a learning session for myself. The way they talk,  how they use sincerity,  indirect sentences to bring across what they think,  how they use every sentence as a mean to gain trust, to know if the other person is trustworthy. How they need to use the right salutation for elder, someone who is older or in higher level than them;  how they respect their culture, the advice from their elder and a lot more.

Another thing that I’ve learnt is how they struggle in thinking for others,  for putting themselves into others shoes. At the same time not forgetting themselves and being there consciously knowing how they feel and can even describe it out.

Yes,  a lot to learn. . Even from dramas. .



What I think about this place

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Hk buildings

It is well organised,  well planned township. . It is neat,  tidy and clean.  Even its people are neatly cloths.  I seldom see them in sandals. . Even if, , they are the nice type of sandals,  except those who I saw in the wet market,  whose plan were to buy veggie,  meat or poultry.

Their toilets are always with toilet paper, hand liquid and working flush.

Standing on the right side of the escalator has become their norm.

Bicycle lanes really meant for bicycle and bicycle only.

School children are neatly cloths according to the weather.

Those local walking on the streets seldom carry their water bottle on their hands but nicely tuck away in their bag.

They are always ready with a recycle bag whenever they go for grocery shopping.

Often I was being mistaken as someone from the mainland and being treated differently.  By differently it could mean being talked to with strong accent of Cantonese Mandarin and being stared at as if I’ve done something wrong. Which I quickly answer with some simple English such as “sorry. .”, or “excuse me. .?” Then it would normally being replied with some guilty look and proper eye contact and better attitude.

So,  what do I think of this place call Hong Kong?

I love this place especially its food,  good manners, the greens little man on the traffic lights with sound,  the Greetings of the shop keeper whenever I step into a shop, the cool air during Spring and the love of books for the locals. Oh and the free government wifi in the library.

Yes,  I don’t mind spending my time here.