Projects over the weekend

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Happy Tuesday! How was your week going so far?

Mine has been spent sewing and spending time with friends and family. Last evening was spent with old classmates where we just sat together, catching up, talking non-sense, just being silly and jokes with one another. In a way, it just give us the space and time, moment together. That in a way I believe it brings us closer.

As for the past weekend, I’ve spent some time sewing these up: (note: photo taken from craft passion)


Found the pattern and tutorial over Pinterest (yes, very useful boards). It is available at craft passion.


This is what I came up with.. I must admit, I’m not expert in sewing up the zipper.. not yet..

card pouch4



card pouch5

card pouch6


The green pattern pouch has been adopted by a dear friend, hope it comes in handy for her.

card pouch1 card pouch2 card pouch3


Overall, I’m glad that I am able to sew up this card zipper pouches and it is a great gift for friends, aren’t they?


Other than the card zipper pouch, found this wallet tutorial over at Burda Style which I’ve altered into a smaller wallet.

wallet wallet1 wallet2 wallet3


Well, I’ve given myself too much of a seam allowance and the wallet turn out to be a bit bigger than normal fold up wallet. Anyhow, I like the combination of the fabric pattern, it looks fun to me.


Hope you have a happy week ahead.

Cards for a special person

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It has been an awesome month so far and I bet it has been some awesome 20 over years for my just newly retired colleague ST.

ST has been an awesome colleague to me ever since my first day at work. She has been a joyful person and one who likes to share especially on her cooking and food review.

Yesterday was her birthday and the last few days I’ve been asked to make cards for her. All these cards below were made with love (of course), so here there are:


The 1st card was requested by group of colleagues who wanted to give her a special gift..

card1 card2



This second card were requested by a colleague who wanted to wish her happy birthday:card3 card4


And this third one is from all of us in the same section who wanted to give her a farewell yesterday:card5 card6


I’ve used butterflies in all cards in a way to symbolize her being “free” from work, though I’m sure she is not really retire from anything, she’s just simply move on to another phase of her life, one that have more adventure and learning to do, which I hope she’ll even be happier with.


So, ST, happy retirement! You know you are special.

Luggage tag

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Hello there.. how was your week going?

Found this pin in Pinterest with tutorial, so grateful for that, ‘cos I’ve been wanting to get a luggage tag, an interesting one for my luggage whenever I wanted to travel.

Luggage tag

The tutorial is available here.

The tutorial is very clear and with measurement, which is just great for novice like me.

I’ve made two straight off from the tutorial! The first one was the exact copy from the tutorial but since my sewing machine doesn’t have the button function, I had to sew it by hand. And… it is not neat, so I’ve made one for myself with a string as the loop holder.

Luggage tags

Left side was by hand-sew the button-hole and right side is using a string.


Hand-sew button hole luggage tag

Here you can see a bit of the inside fabric. This is well-loved by my son now.


String luggage tag

This one is for myself and it is using a string to hold the lope.


Inside of the luggage tag

This is how it looks like with a card inserted.


String luggage tag

Here is how the string finished look. I’ve made a knot before attaching it to the tag, so that it is more secure.


Well, I’m surely going to use this tag on my next trip for my luggage.  “.” v


Happy pinning and sewing  you all. And have a great week ahead.

Sewing pouches

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Hello for a new week.

Have been pinning recently and have searched for fabric over the net as I’ve mentioned in my previous post. So here is what I’ve done with the fabric and also one that is in my stash.

First I found a nice pin in the Pinterest board which brought me to Eat Craft Sow page with the pattern and tutorial.

I found the idea of bringing my hand-phone and card useful whenever I wanted to step out from my office for a while which I gonna need my hand-phone and the staff card for access to other levels.

And since I can’t wait to do something with my newly received fabric, I’ve started sewing.

Here is the first one which turn out to be a bit too tight with my Samsung S3 which I have a bulky casing. So I’ve made another one with the newly brought fabric. I also wanted to be sure that I’m able to make the pouch fully then only to use my new fabric which came in quite a small size.

So, here they are:

Flower patterned pouch with phone and cards flower patterned pouch Nesshome pouchNesshome pouch with phone and cards


It is a pain having to sew thick and hard lining plus flip it over, especially hard for my sewing machine to go through the thick layer of fabric, so I have to make it slow and careful so that it sewing in straight lines. As for the part of the edges, I need to pound it with my craft hammer.

I like it ‘cos it has a handle for my to hang on to my hand while I can hold other things with my both hands.

I’m planning to sew more with the fabric that I have now.


So, what do you think? Good enough?

What’s in the mail today – cute fabric

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Do you buy fabric over the net?


I’m pretty excited with what’s came in the mail today – something from CottonTouch that I’ve bought two weeks ago.

First time that I’m seeing fabric such as this one – having 6 different patterns printed together into a large fabric.



Now I’m overwhelm with all the ideas on what I could do with that piece of 6 patterns fabric…


note: photos from CottonTouch


Love the feel of the fabric, they are actually from Nesshome, made in Korea. Pretty excited about this info too. So I’ve made a search over the net and it landed me in some Zakka’s site with more cute images and ideas!

Zakka is actually refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance (from Wikipedia).

It is filled up with great ideas in home improvement in terms of hand-sewing simple stuff that made a home feel more homely, which is basically what I love to do – making stuff that is useful.


I’ve also bought a few of the metal clip frame which I wanted to try out in making coin pouch.

Metal clip

note: photos from CottonTouch


I just hope I won’t mess up the fabric. Wish me luck.


On another thought, I’m hoping to get cheaper stuff online, especially fabric and craft tools. Any suggestion?

After a few search, I got to MayMayShop which is Malaysia base and the Zakka fabric is selling in a much lower price, actually half the price from Etsy shop!

It even show photos of fabric ideas which really help in deciding which fabric to go for.

They even carry Emily Nature fabric, ‘cos I’ve bought a book on how to use this fabric from the local bookstore recently and have been wondering how to get such type of fabric here.



note: photo from MayMayShop


I just hope they have other series instead of the purple series which is the only one available now.

I’m now building my wish list over at MayMayShop  ^.^

Do check them out for some cute fun fabric and they carry some bag making tools too.


Happy sewing!

Happy Birthday my boy

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birthday cake

Yes, today you turn 11. We have celebrated your birthday earlier on Sunday with cake and candles, and of course with a birthday song. Your birthday celebration started on Friday when we went to watch The guardians of the galaxy and getting your toy from Toys”R”us with a birthday voucher. Yes, indeed you have turned 11 today.

May there be many many wonderful years ahead and may you be happy always.

me and calvin




bag oh bag

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“Mommy!! How many bags you wanna buy!? You’ve got several at home already!!”

LOL.. that was the respond from my 9-year-old when I said I want to look for bag while we were in Hong Kong.

When I told my sis, she said I should tell him “Mommy is a girl, a girl should have lots of bags..”


Bags oh bags, how could a lady live without thee!

Haha.. till now I’m still looking for my perfect bag for that perfect occasion, one that at times can fit in everything that I need, another for just those time where I am wearing my red shoes, one with my casual weekend wear, one for work, one with a serious color, one which I can put over the shoulder, one that I could just carry on my hand, oh and one that is just nice for dinner, not forgetting one for my little black dress.

Now… how many would that be?!

Just one fit all!?

No way!

I mean how could you bring a bag for work and you bring that for a sofisticated dinner!? That doesn’t fit, doesn’t it?

So handbags at wholesale could really do no harm on my wallet.

Oh ya.. what about that Coach or Prada or Gucci or LV!?

Getting famous in road accident

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This is about two different road accidents that happened yesterday and this morning.

There were two videos getting viral over the FB. One got everyone shock in knowing how fierce a woman can be after a car accident. Another was also a car accident and got everyone assuming that the driver must be driving under the influence of alcohol.

The first video gone viral and got the attention of FB users. Got me thinking of all the possibilities that could happened. I mean what if another road bullied or someone that felt really sorry for the old man and wanted to do something back on her?! Another thing is how would all her friends thought of her? How would that affect her career?

What is fortunately is that at least the old man was calm or just traumatized that at least he didn’t repay her with another fierce reaction. Thank God for that.


As for the second video, seeing that some girls were being rescued out from a huge drain near to RTM. First impression was “what happened? were they drunk?” Then the next thing came up my mind was “fortunately they were not stuck in the car”

Just so what if they got stuck in the car which swirl into the drain? Can’t think of the consequences if so.

Their reason was the driver were sleepy..  Just thank God that nobody got hurt.


Both video got attention from FB users. Bot get famous a bit.. the most was the first video.

Wouldn’t want that to happen to me and and of the people that I know.

So, people, do calm down, stay alert and remember there are people who love you. Don’t get yourself into a road accident. Stay safe.

Drive safe!

Now what?

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Now that it is over, we’ll need to wait for another 4 years for this game, next will be the biggest country hosting the game. A game that everyone in the world is watching.

What do I think?

Well.. I’m not a fan of football but this year seems a bit different though I still didn’t watch a single game of it. But this year I’ve been influenced by my son who don’t know since when and from where that started to know about football and pay attention on the game.

I remember we were over in Hong Kong when the first game was on. He was excitedly telling us that he wanted to watch the game and wanted to get up at 3am in the morning with his alarm clocked set.

Unfortunately he forgot to put the alarm on and he has missed the game. Anyhow, hePlus, we have a FIFAbulous Sunday at church where everyone is encouraged to wear football jersey on that Sunday. And I’m not sure if that is coincident or what, my son got a German jersey, the exact look that they were wearing in their final game. So yah.. he is pretty much excited about his team winning the world cup.

He was even commenting on the players whom I’ve no clue about.

Anyway, now that it is over, I’m not sure if he’ll still ask to be trained in football.

So now what?  Just wait and see. .

Having trouble creating passwords?

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Have you been having difficulties in creating a password that is save and yet you can remember? Have you been worried that your email or social media content has been hacked?

Well, what you need is to create strong that you can remember.

It is actually pretty easy and fun!

Check this out -> 4 ways to create passwords you won’t forget


Have fun creating passwords that are strong and easy to remember!