Farewell cards

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It has been quite a month for us all in the office, we are loosing out not one, not two but three staffs in one go! At the same month! All of them are going to other greener pasture for sure. And I’m going to miss them all.

Here, by the request of my colleagues, I’ve made three cards just for them and signed by everyone in the office.

All vintage.. hope these will inspire you to make something today. BTW, the clips are all detachable and can use used as paper clips.

all-the-best all-the-best1 never-forget never-forget1 simply-being simply-being1

To my colleagues and ex-colleagues, all the best in your new places. .. <3

First time sewing coin pouch

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I love to sew, I also love to shop and admire how others are doing bag sewing and selling them online. I’m always curious on how their fabric felt like and how thick their bags could be. So recently I saw this coin pouch selling online. One which I’ve already got the pattern and tutorial, but sometimes you just can’t tell how it feels like at the end. So I told myself I just need to know how their workmanship is and how is the feel of the end product, so I bought one online and am really glad I did.

You can get the picture tutorial of the coin pouch in my Pinterest under “Sew” Board. Someone is actually selling the pattern over at Etsy. But you can get the whole story if you know Chinese over here. The pictures actually could speak by themselves. Get the pattern here. Give it a try, you’ll love it . Just wanna add, I’m using cloth fusible for light linen cloths.

coin pouches

Snap buttons were done professionally in the shop this time and I’ll definitely going back for more.

coin pouches1

Cute, aren’t they? I especially love the one with cat print. Miao!!

I think I’m going to make some more. I’ve sold two of them,  now left the one with flower pattern at the bottom left and balloons on top right.


Change – the only constant thing

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Yes, Change – the inevitable thing which is certain to happen and unavoidable.

Yes, Change is one thing which is constant. Nothing in this world that doesn’t change.

Growth, moving forward or the other way round, both are changes.

One shouldn’t be afraid to change but do be very careful if you stay constant without growth without moving forward, without improvement. That would be very sad.

However we all are afraid of changes, afraid of new things, things that we are not familiar with, things that are uncertain. We just worry too much, ‘cos no matter what change does happen, be it we worry or not.

Why not we visualize change in a good way, change for the better. Change for improvement, change for growth, to be in a higher level.

Whatever it is, take it without judging, without assuming everything is going to be bad or good, it is just unavoidable. Why  not make the most of the situation, learn, improve and make it better. Stop dwelling in the past. Live. Now. This moment.


Have a great week!

2015 – what I believe and what I want to be

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  • I believe for a better year.
  • I believe things happen for a reason, be it good or bad in my perception.
  • I believe after life and those before this.
  • I believe Karma. (So, be good, girl.)
  • I believe there is a much greater force than anyone of us, that it works in ways that we can’t possibly understand or comprehen.
  • I believe we are all inter-related one way or another.
  • I believe I could do better.
  • I believe love is needed everyday,


I wanted to:

  • Be more creative
  • Be more attentive.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Absorb in whatever that is in front of me.
  • Open up for opportunities.
  • Be understanding on others.
  • Have passion on what I do.

Favorite photos / blog posts in 2014

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Merry Christmas!

It has been a great year. One that I went for 6 months unpaid leave. One that I found out I love sewing up clutches and bags. One that I’ve enjoyed.

Here are my favorite photos in 2014 which some are simply I love to see and remember..


1. This orchid is special to me, ‘cos it was bought in remembering a dear colleague with a happy smile and who always said that he wanted to come for coffee.


you2. My favorite layout this year = “You” layout of my kiddos happy faces. I love working with Ali Edwards’ word stamps which is so versatile and a good reminder on life, on just be, on instilling positive thoughts and showing my love to my kiddos.


me and calvin

3. Birthday! August is the Birthday month for my big kiddo – Calvin. Who turned 11 this year.


card pouch2

4. This year has been a productive year for me in terms of sewing. Almost all learned through online tutorial. Including this cards’ holder and I am still loving and using it.



5. School holidays has been something that got my stressed out for arranging where my kiddos would go, but this time I managed to get them to join in the fun in Petrosains exhibition. So we went for a handicraft exhibition host by Petrosains, which we had a great time weaving up baskets and drawing batikand. love the work that was done by my kiddos.


tree clutch

6. In terms of sewing, I especially love this clutch pattern through an online tutorial. So I’ve been sewing the similar pattern and this clutch was bought by my colleague.


project life6

7. I’ve been telling myself to get back on my scrapbook pages and started creating again. So I’ve started doing “Project Life” layout. Having bought an Instax Share printer make life easier too.


Light lunch scrapbook page8. Being back to work in July means I’ll need to be in between work and being a chauffeur for my kiddos. Here we managed to “escape” for a while and have our light lunch in Breadboss, Damai. Did this layout and love how it turned out.


Well, it is almost the end of 2014. I’m glad that I’ve enjoyed my year and I hope you do too.


Overall happy thoughts and a pouch

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Haha.. This is hilarious! I’ve just read this : - A seamstress’s guide to surviving the holiday. Nope, so far I don’t have that problem, but I do get people expecting me to just sew for them for anything they like and expect it to be cheap, haha.. well.. some part of the article is so true, like that one about the amount of time being spent in getting a project done. I’ve quoted the whole paragraph here:

“They don’t see the big picture.  Not the amount of hours working on the project (shopping for fabric, measuring and cutting, sewing, ironing, etc.), which also equals the amount of hours spent away from my family. Not the money for the cost of supplies (let alone an hourly wage), nor the fact that I need to pay a babysitter to watch my kids. Because most Mom don’t get ‘free’ time. Ever. (That’s my favorite BTW…the ‘in your spare time’ line. Psh – in my spare time I will be watching Black List, thank you very much – ha!)”

I’m not complaining, I’m just glad that at least there are people who look up to me for making stuff for them, it means they like what I do. I just hope I’ve so much time to do it and fulfill their request.

I’ve been away for 2 weeks, Two whole weeks without doing any sewing and craft stuff, I miss my craft-room. And I wanted to get back to the December Daily project that I intended to do.

Here, I’ll share a bag that I’ve made before the holiday.


two-tone pouch two-tone pouch1

I’ve used the Happy Party Line for the upper body and some scrap pieces that I bought in a little bundle for the base. May May Shop is selling the bundle for trial pack in RM15 which came in 10 pieces of different design fabric, which is great to make little pouches, you’ll just need to join them up with other fabric.

Keep the happy thoughts there and since Christmas is coming, surely you’ll have lots to prepare and talking about that, I haven’t got our Christmas tree decorated yet.

Happy happy happy, just keep being positive.

Well, that’s it for today, I hope you’ll have a great week.

Scrapbook page

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Finally I did a scrapbook page instead of the usual Project Life style. This time I finished a page about the light lunch that I had recently with my two boys. And also the first time I printed my own photos at home! Yay! And I’m loving it. Though not so satisfy with the color. It turns out to be a bit “old” looking.. anyway, I’m going to do that more, and next time maybe I should enhance the color before I print.

I find that I like distressed look and really really wanted to add flowers into the page even though it is a boy’s page, anyway, who says there is such a rule??

Light lunch scrapbook page


This page actually using a Christmas page, see those snowflakes? Would you notice if I don’t tell you. :D

Oh ya.. and I still love those words stamps set from Ali Edwards. They are just so versatile and good reminder on how to look at life itself.


At the moment, I’m restraining myself  in buying more scrapbook pattern paper or kit that I saw online, ya, they are just so attractive and each and everyone of them are calling my name! Such a hard resistance to have. So far what I’ve bought  (ya.. I still have bought!) is the Prima golden flowers (that can be seen in the page) and Project life mini cards, plus a mini snap album for the December Daily project.

Well, I can’t just wait till December to use the project life journal cards, so I’ve used a few in the following Project Life page:

project life

Have you tried out using Instax share to print your photo? They are just so cute! I still love doing that.


Second page is a page to remember our annual dinner, starting from preparation to the dinner itself. Lots of selfies here. ha!

project life


I hope these pages would give you some push in doing your own scrapbook pages to record down the meaning behind all those photos that you’ve taken. I know I do needed this ‘cos it really is a very good way to put them down in printed format and jot down the memories that I wanted to keep. It is also a good way in telling your kids how much you care and how they were doing.


Have an awesome week!

Simple sling bag

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Hi hi, I’m going to share a sling bag that is requested by my colleague. Which is in the same pattern with the clutch that I’ve made before, except this time it is with a sling that she can put on her shoulder. I love this bag ‘cos it can fit in a small bottle, handphone (size of a Samsung Note III), keys, pack of tissue and maybe some other small stuff like lipstick. I guess it is a go to bag whenever she wanted to get out of the house for a short trip and even for the evening function.


I’ve made it with the Party Line again.

Here goes:


sling bag sling bag1sling bag2 sling bag3

The colors look a bit brighter in the photos. The color scheme is more like the last photo, but it all depends on the screen resolution.


Well, I still have several under request bags to make, gonna need those umph to carry on making them.. things have been going slow these days..

Your “like” and comments probably would do the tricks!

Thanking you in advance.

Week in the life

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It is interesting to go through photos and photos of another “not-so-strange” stranger in the other side of the globe through the lens and project of “Week in the life”. Why do I used the word “not-so-strange” stranger? Well, simply because I’ve been reading her blog, loving her scrapbook projects and all other things that she share. It is like I’ve known her and yet still doesn’t know her. I’m talking about Ali Edwards.

She took beautiful daily photos or it should be – she shares beautiful daily photos. Which include self-timer photos and selfie. I’m not doing the Week in life project, first thing I am really bad in writing, what more jotting down stuff of my daily life. Probably I should just give it a try just to see how it goes. But maybe next time.

What I’m looking forward is the December daily which will happened right before and even after Christmas. I’ve done a few album on this for the past few years and am loving them.

Just realized that I didn’t share every photo that I’ve taken for my December daily albums. Anyhow I’m going to do another one this end of year.


Let me do a little practice here on recording down stuff…

Photo taken last Saturday:



The story – Lunch on his choice – Sushi in Sushi King. Had his favorite egg sushi. And he was happy that mommy can pick him up after drum class. For the reason why to take selfie – simply love that idea in seeing ourselves in the photo. ha!


See? Really lousy in documenting, right? Anyway, it is not how good I write but it is the process in getting down details and process in knowing what I’ve learned.


Have an awesome week all!


Project Life – Scrapbook layout

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Hi hi, it has been such a long time that I didn’t do any scrapbook pages. And ever since I’ve bought the Instax Share Printer, I go ga-ga about it and started printing small pictures of everyday events, so I’ve started my Project life scrapbook layout again, but this time I’m not restricting myself to document each and everyday but instead I just document things, people or events that I wanted to remember.

So, recently I came up with these few pages on photos that I’ve taken and since I’ve subscribed with Ali Edwards monthly Story Stamp, I’ve got my first stamp – “Prompts”.  A good way to get me started with my story, prompts that work and prompts that got me thinking.

Overall, it is such fun to document my life. Well, not such an interesting one but hey, it is MY LIFE and MY STORY, there could never be another person sharing this same story with mine.

Here, the fist page that was done using Prompt stamp set:

project life1


Another page which sits side-by-side with the page above:

project life2


And here showing some close-up of the brads and embellishment that I’ve used:
project life3 project life4 project life5


As for the next, these two pages is to remember a special event that happened this month – Cousin’s wedding banquet. Love the theme of that night, unfortunately I didn’t capture clear photo of the event venue, plus I didn’t even got chance to take photo with the bride and groom. Anyhow I’ve used their invitation card in the layout:

project life6


Second page (used mostly Ali Edwards’ word stamps):

project life7


Well, that’s it so far, hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Hopefully I’m going to play with my Instax Share again and do more layout soon. I’m in the middle of waiting for Ali’s 2nd stamp set – Get Real.