Magic evening – mix-media

Original page

Hi there! Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

I’ve got myself a bottle of molding paste and some Prima stencils, just couldn’t wait to try them on, and that’s the result of this page – Magic evening.

I’ve been playing with the mold by itself and also with some color mist. Those bulging little pedals on the bottom of the page and those teal color leafs are from the molding paste. I had to leave it till it totally dried up then I can continue working with it.

The way how this page come by is inspired by My Creative Scrapbook mix media video that their designer showed, thank you My Creative Scrapbook!

Here are some closed-up of the pages showing those pretty Prima flowers and the punched-out butterflies using Martha Stewards punchers.

Prima flowers and meshRub-on and punched out butterfliesmagic evening4

magic evening5

I had this page into the frame that I have at home and it is now sitting right next to my TV.. teeheee…

Framed-up page

Hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

New addition to the big family


Not me, not mine, the new addition is a new arrival for my colleague’s family,  a cute little bundle of joy. I’m saying welcoming the bundle of joy to a big family, I mean the work family. We do spend most of our time in the office, right?

Sorry can’t show her photo here, but I’m sharing the card that I’ve made by request for this special occasion, congratulating her on her effort in carrying that little bundle of joy for 9 months and now being a new mother who is doing all she could in making sure her baby is in good shape.

Well, since it is a girl, girly color is a must and with flowers of course!

I always find it easy to make cards for girls instead of men or boy. Making card for me is really a challenge to me. So, here goes, more photos of the card that I’ve made using misted doily, Prima flowers, heat embossed stamped up sentiment, butterflies with several layer of embossing powder, plus twine and buttons.

congratulations prima flowers heat embossed butterfly

Yupe, from the date on the photos you can tell that this card has been made quite some times ago, but only recently that we managed to present it to her. I just hope she’ll treasure those blessings in the card and cherish the role of being a mother to a little princess.

Have a great weekend you all!

Cosmetic Bag With Frame


Hello there! Happy Weekend! For those in the West, Happy Halloween!

I love Pinterest, there are just so much beautiful stuff that people pin and share. I found this cosmetic frame bag tutorial through it and I just have to try making it myself.

The author actually using a 20x4cm bag frame that I don’t have, so I figure out the size of the cloths that I need to cut myself base upon the size that she shared.

The frame size that I’m using is 15x6cm, I figure the height of the side should be 3 times of the side of my frame, which is 6cmx3. And I need to add in some allowance for the sewing part. So the size of my cloths is actually 30x20cm with sewing allowance.

Initially I wanted to use the more elaborate designed side as the front, but after finished sewing up the bag and wanted to put t a”handmade’ tag, I find that having a simpler canvas as the front is better for the tag, so I ended up using the simple air-plane design as the front.


Well, now that I have another new bag and satisfied with the sewing and knowing more on the exact steps in making this bag, there could be more coming up.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all are having fun creating!

Click, Scrap, Repeat plus a challenge

Yupe, some stamps are just so versatile that you can use them again and again. That’s what happened to this layout that I’m going to share today.

Check out this layout that I’ve used the same stamp – Little Moments, here..

Wanted to use “Little Moments” as my title, but changed my mind since I’ve used it before and would like to try something else.

little moments

Not a so pretty photo that I’ve taken. It was taken in Sushi King while the boys brought their Chinese Chess there and straight away helped themselves with the game while waiting for their order. Which is absolutely fine to me. Rather than them facing the tab or my phone without talking or interacting with each other.little moments1

As for what I’ve used.. well, lots of Prima’s flowers and two Basic Grey clips. Love those flower with some brads.

Have used border punches too.

little moments2

oh .. and this layout was started from a layout challenge over at MyCreativeScrappers, September Sketch Challenge. Head on over if you are in for a challenge, deadline is October 14.

As for myself, I’ve put down some challenge or a start-up guide for myself to start this layout, that is to include the following in my layout:

  • Lace
  • Flowers
  • Border punch
  • Ink
  • Torn page

Well, let me know if you are joining the fun and have a fun day and keep up with those life records.

Using Ali’s stamp

Hey there, this post is going to share on a page that is fresh from today’s event, using all Ali Edwards’ stamp from the Craft the Story stamp set. I love Ali’s way in recording stories of the day to day life, about appreciation, about being there and living at the moment. Her blog and ways in telling stories are awesome ways in reminding myself on my life and purpose.

Below is a fresh layout that I’ve used all stamps set from her collection. I’ve combined her word’s stamp and story telling stamp set.


This round stamp also from Ali’s story telling stamp set. Just love how I can use her stamp anyway and in almost every story.build2


This star is from Scenic Route which I’ve stamped with gold color ink and embossed with glitter embossing powder.build3

It is fun and really settled me down or rather calm me down while I was doing scrapbook. To me, it is a good way to bring me back to the moment, think back on things that I cherish and work that gratitude that I should be having everyday in my life.

I hope you will have a great week ahead and remember to create something fun!

Thankful – birthday layout and Craft wording

Hello there, greetings! Thanks for stopping by.

Today, I want to share a page that I’ve made for my boy’s birthday.

Didn’t use anything new, everything from my old stash.. no purchase is allowed at the moment since I still have packs and packs of stuff in my scraproom.

So, here goes..

thankful 1

Some details in close-up..

thankful 3

Last picture shows that Prima make-a-swirls stamp with embossed powder. That swirls set is very versatile, can use it anywhere of the page.

thankful 2

That pop-up flower on the top left is from Basic grey, same goes with that swirl. They are the layered stickers.

While those two green and yellow flowers are from Original Collection that I got from Popular bookstore. Never thought I would have found any scrapbook stuff there. Now even Kaison are selling sticker alphabet from American Craft at just RM3.90!


Talking about Kaison, I bought myself some wooden alphabets at RM1.90 each and made this deco on my craft-room:


Just added some Prima flowers and roses. Those little owl and animal’s pegs shown on the wall are from Kaison too. It is what happy place that I like to browse.. and well.. sometimes bought cute stuff for the house.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Little moments

Little Moments

Hi there, how are you treating life?

It has been such a long time that I haven’t been making scrapbook page.. since last November 2014!! The whole 8 months without putting down any photos on a single scrapbook page! Where have I been!? This is so not me.. not being able to create scrapbook page and recording life story..

However, I’ve tried to keep myself updated with Ali Edwards’ page and story stamp though they are starting to gather dust. Thanks to the special occassion on 5th August that made me wanna create again. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to come up with a birthday page for Calvin, instead, I’ve created the page above. One that recorded down that happy moment that I had with my niece having lunch together. Which could soon be a rare moment, as she might just move on to another place in the near future. For good.

Here are some details of the page, which you’ll be able to see one of Ali’s story stamp – “little moments”, “life is good” circle stamp and that little love mug.. they are just so adorable. I’ve added on some tags, rub-on and Prima flower too.

little moments1

little moments2

I’m looking forward to a great week ahead, one that I hope I’ll not dwell on the passed and worried about what’s going to happen.

I hope you too, have a great week ahead.

“Love life and life will love you back” – author unknown.

Finding joy


Howdy everyone! Hope you have a great Raya holiday.


Yesterday, we have a new member joining the family. Son has been anticipating and urging me to get a pet, not just any pet. No,  not a fish, or puppy, or kitten, or turtle..  – he wants a bird! Not just any particular bird, but one that can be tamed, not so noisy, with beautiful feathers and probably talk. Ya.. a parrot, so we got a Budgerigar. One that is small, not so loud, sociable and great as a pet (I hope..)

Well, we were not sure what it is call till we roughly remember what was written in the pet shop and search for it from the Net. Before that, son already searching for videos on how to train birds. Yes, that is how serious he is concerning this matter.

After some whining and persistence reasoning from sons and struggle from me since I don’t like to see birds being caged and not able to fly freely.. what more who’s going to clean up the mess!? Oh well.. they are so eager and promised to take care of that.. so.. finally .. we got a female Budgie, as my son said “the chosen one”. And she’s named after Athena – The Greek Goddess.

Just over an evening, she doesn’t look shivering and doesn’t jolt when hearing noises.. plus she allowed the boys to put their hands in the cage and let her stand on their fingers. Let’s just hope that the boys can teach her some tricks like standing on their shoulders.

And just this morning, like usual, I received Suzanne’s Dear readers column and talks about finding joy. So probably this is one of the joy that my kids (including me) are looking for.. seeing a beautiful bird responding to human command and able to fly around in the room.

Shine or go crazy

Hi there.. how are you doing? I know I’ve been lagging in blogging lately. Everything lag.. even my scrapbook and my sewing project. And .. I still have a writing that need to be done for a local newspaper concerning scrapbook (which might never be done). Guess what? I’ve been so caught up with things everyday including k-drama! Ha! You may laugh now. Yes, I got hook again, and I try to limit myself in watching too much TV or spending too much time in front of the TV rather than doing other things in the house. But this one, just let me finish watching please.. then I’ll let it go .. (this part “Frozen” music come alive.. haha!) well.. not permanently (definitely) but for a while and get back to my creating self.

I’ve subscribed to Ali’s story stamp. So every month, I get to receive this cute (hand written mostly) clear stamps from Ali through the mail. It is my happy mail of the month. And yet I didn’t use it starting from “Gathering” theme.. I know I should be creating and documenting, else I’ll forget and regret. This month’s theme is “magic”, check it out here.

So, what is this k-dram that got my so hook up?

Let me tell you, I don’t like oldies movie with kung fu style of clothing and background history. I prefer stories set in the modern time. But this one, I love it!

shine or go crazy

Yes, it is call “Shine or go crazy” (辉煌或疯狂). More about it here. It is entertaining.

But guess what.. I’ve already something lining up next once this end.

For now, let’s shine or go crazy!!!


Over the past weeks, I’ve got invitation for 2 weddings, one from colleagues and one from my cousin. I wrote colleagues ‘cos both sides are working in my office, though in different divisions.

Side track a bit — I can’t think of how it could be if I’m marrying my colleague whom I see everyday, day and night. And most probably sharing the same gossips and worse could be in the same office and in different management level which makes things hard for both side, imaging having conflict on our thoughts over the same thing and one is superior than the other. And… I don’t want to work under my hubby.. a good hubby doesn’t mean a good boss and it will create office politics and more gossip if we are in the same office.

Lucky for that two colleagues, they are in different divisions and I can see that they are not in the conflict zone. Good for them.

As for my cousin, a jolly and outgoing girl, may she live happily ever after and hopefully can get her own place pretty soon.


Back to the post — today shares – A simple wedding card for the lovebirds. Under request from colleague from our division.

wedding card 1 wedding card 2

Have used a bit of velum in the middle to let the doily pop a bit. But then I’ve mist it with pink glimmer (can’t really see the shining bits here), so it stays contrast with the white doily.

I hope this card will inspire you to create something even prettier.


Go for a happy week ahead!


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